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Download and install

Using Shell (macOS and Linux)

curl -fsSL | bash

Using PowerShell (Windows)

iwr -useb | iex

Using Homebrew (macOS and Linux)

brew tap scmn-dev/secman
brew install secman

Using Scoop (Windows)

scoop bucket add secman
scoop install secman

Via Docker

docker run -it smcr/secman-cli
docker run -it smcr/secman

Building from source

  1. clone secman repo


Let’s Begin

$ touch
$ pip install pafy youtube.dl
from pafy import new


Setup zsh

brew install zsh
sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"


  • Install Powerlevel10k using the following command
# gh cli
gh repo…


Founder of secman-team. full-stack dev. enjoys working on cli apps, websites, automation (CI/CD), and databases.

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