Download YouTube videos By Python in 5 lines !!!

1 min readApr 12, 2021


Howdy, today we’ll create a program by python in 5 line can download YouTube videos, so let’s get started.


you'll need :

Let’s Begin

We’ll create two files, &

This file will download your video with pictures & audio

And This’ll download the video only with audio.

Open your favorite editor, and type

$ touch

We’re going to install two packages

pafy & youtube.dl

so in terminal

$ pip install pafy youtube.dl

Little remains, in we'll import pafy

from pafy import new

new is a function download your video by add the URL on it, so create url variable and it's well be input

url = input("Enter the url: ")

now create video variable and it's value is new function

video = new(url)

the video has different quality, we want the best quality, define new variable

dl = video.getbest()

you can test it

$ py

now, go to, it's like but has some differences

from pafy import new
url = input("Enter the link: ")
video = new(url)

let’s define audio variable

audio = video.audiostreams

that’s it, you can now go to YouTube and download your favorite video/s.

good bye.

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