Secman — The Password Manager of your dreams


Secman works on Windows, Linux, and macOS 💻.


Download and install

secman provides convenience scripts to download and install the binary.

Using Shell (macOS and Linux)

curl -fsSL | bash

Using PowerShell (Windows)

iwr -useb | iex

Using Homebrew (macOS and Linux)

brew tap secman-team/smxbrew install secman

Using Scoop (Windows)

scoop bucket add secman install secman

Installing from source

# gh cligh repo clone secman-team/secman# gitgit clone after clonecd secman
# linux/macOS: by default, it's installs to '/usr/local/bin'; maybe you'll need sudomake
make setup
# windows: it's installs to '%AppData\Local%'& .\script\build.ps1

After installation

To test your installation, run secman version. If this prints the Secman version to the console the installation was successful.

secman -h


To upgrade a previously installed version of Secman, you can run:

Getting started with secman

Create a vault and specify the directory to store passwords in. You will be prompted for your master password:

secman initPlease enter a strong master password:2020/12/23 09:54:31 Created directory to store passwords: ~/.secman
secman help

Configuring secman with .secman

The SECDIR environment variable specifies the directory that your vault is in.


Listing Passwords

Authenticating With Github

Initializing Vault

secman init

Inserting a password

insert command

Inserting a file

secman insert money/budget.csv budget.csv

Retrieving a password

secman show accounts/ionicEnter master password:ionic_is_😎_js_platform

Rename a password

secman rename accounts/ionic-hubEnter new site name for accounts/ionic-hub: accounts/ionic

Updating/Editing a password

secman edit meduim/meduim.comEnter new password for medium/

Generating a password

secman gen%L4^!s,Rry!}s:U<QwliL{vQKow321-!tr}:232secman gen 8#%Xy1t7E

Searching the vault

secman find git└──git└──
secman ls meduim└──

Start Sync Your Passwords

Deleting a vault entry

remove command


clean your secman by delete ~/.secman

secman clean


if you’re syncing your ~/.secman, you can fetch if there’re a new passowrd(s)

secman fetch

Show secman version

secman version

Getting Help

secman --help


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