Gomo — 📐 Simple Golang multi modules tool.

1 min readApr 24, 2022


Gomo is a simple Golang multi modules tool. inspired from turborepo.

repo: abdfnx/gomo


Using script

  • Shell
curl -sL https://bit.ly/gomo-cli | bash
  • PowerShell
iwr -useb https://bit.ly/gomo-win | iex

then restart your powershell


brew install abdfnx/tap/gomo


  • Creates a new gomo.json file in the current folder
gomo init
  • Initialize a new module
gomo init --mod github.com/x/x2 --path dir
  • Download go packages through all your modules
  • Get a go package and add it through all modules
gomo get github.com/gorilla/mux
  • Delete a go package through all modules
gomo delete github.com/example/example1
  • Update all packages
gomo update
  • Add any missing packages necessary to build all your modules
gomo tidy

Gomo config file

"cmds": {
"download": "go mod download",
"update": "go get -u"
"modules": [

thank you for your time and don’t forgot to star the repo if you like it




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