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  • Flutter


    Google’s UI toolkit to build apps for mobile, web, & desktop from a single codebase // Dec. 11 ⚡️ #FlutterInteract ↓ Join the livestream

  • Nat Friedman

    Nat Friedman

    Cofounder/CEO of Xamarin. Now at Microsoft. This is a personal blog.

  • npm, Inc.

    npm, Inc.

    npm is the package manager for JavaScript and the world’s largest software registry.

  • Auth0


    Identity Is Complex, Deal With It. Auth0 is The Identity Platform for Application Builders.

  • Johnb


    Product Manager @ ORY — Open Source Identity Infrastructure for the Cloud

  • ethereum


    Official Ethereum Twitter Account

  • Docker


    Docker provides an integrated technology suite that enables development and IT operations teams to build, ship, and run distributed applications anywhere.

  • Mitchell Hashimoto

    Mitchell Hashimoto

    Founder of @HashiCorp. Creator of Vagrant, Packer, Serf, Consul, Terraform, Vault, and Nomad. Lover of open source. Automation-obsessed developer.

  • PlanetScale


    PlanetScale is a NewSQL DbaaS based on the open source project @vitessio

  • Jared Palmer

    Jared Palmer

    Lead Engineer at The Palmer Group

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